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Dec 18, 2023
My name is Larry. My journey in the world of photography began with the realization of how the power of photography can capture emotions, encapsulate a moment in a frame and open doors to a whole new world. Photography is an integral part of me, it's as if I was born with a lens in my hands and an endless love for capturing moments. My adventure with photography began with an old camera I found in the attic. I started capturing everything around me: street scenes, the first rays of dawn, important smiles and moments when time seems to stop. My photographs became my own stories, genuine pages of my life. One day I decided to share my inner world through online platforms. My first step was to create a portfolio called Light in the Frame. It was a place where each shot didn't just convey a moment, but reflected a piece of my soul, my emotions and my unique perspective of the world. Every day I was learning, improving my skills, experimenting with lighting and composition. My passion for photography steadily increased, and with it, the recognition of my work grew. People began to purchase my photographs, seeing something special in them. Each new shot was a new challenge for me, a new journey. I went in search of new stories, angles and colors. And each time my lens caught something amazing, making the world unfold in a new way. Over time, my photography collection became not only a source of my income, but also a testament to me personally.


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