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Introducing a CONCEPT product that addresses one of the most common complaints of pet owners...

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Pet hair, dander and

dust that your pet sheds on a daily basis!

The answer is:

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Two puppies sleeping

Pet Sweep is a revolutionary CONCEPT product that uses
NEGATIVE AIR FLOW to pull your pet's hair through
an easily replaceable filter, all while your best friend 
enjoys some peaceful slumber.

How it works

Pet Sweep's concept proposes
3 multi-patented* models


Platform Bed



Integrated Crate 

*The Pet Sweep Air Filtration system has 3 United States Patents, with 1 pending, as well as 58 patent claims.

Blue Skies
Blue Skies
Blue Skies

What makes Pet Sweep so revolutionary is that it answers a critical pet owner need while filtering the room air AND, at the same time, giving your dog a quiet peaceful sleep thanks to the soft

white noise of the fan. 

Concrete Wall

Pet Sweep is the brainchild of inventor

Bennie Marshall

Bennie has two passions: dogs and inventing! As a thoughtful dog owner, Bennie recognized the need for a single solution that focused on the source of the problem.

He loved spending time with his furry friends but hated the constant vacuuming and dusting required to remove dog hair and dander from from his home.

Being an inventor for over 20 years of products ranging from vapor barriers to energy-saving moisture controls, he knew just what to do. He patented his invention and Pet Sweep was born!

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Closeup of a Black Dog

Let's Pet Sweep Together!

We are looking for a manufacturer or a retailer with manufacturing capabilities to build this product through a technology license agreement.

For More information, contact:
Young Consulting, LLC


Matt Young

Nancy Bailey

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